Cozy bunker

At the epicenter of innovation, the WANNA creative studio for Formica Group surprises us with its latest creation: Cozy Bunker. Located in the majestic Palacio de la Trinidad during Casa Decor 2024, this project completely redefines the traditional conception of a bunker, fusing constructive solidity with captivating aesthetics.

In a world marked by uncertainty, anxiety and fragility, the construction of bunkers has gained relevance in the global real estate field. Against this backdrop, WANNA posed an essential question: how can interior design transform these shelters into spaces that not only guarantee survival, but also promote emotional well-being?

The design of Cozy Bunker is based on principles such as the play of heights, constructive solidity, indirect light and volumetrics. Access to the space is through a passage that appears to be excavated in a rock with hanging vegetation that suggests a connection with nature. The tour culminates in the shelter itself, an enveloping and warm space, impregnated with reddish tones and a tenuous atmosphere.

Inside the bunker, the visitor is immersed in a minimalist room where the living and rest area stands out, presided over by a large sofa and a floating bunk bed. Complementing the environment is a desk, a built-in fireplace and a bathtub with Bathco faucets. The exit from the bunker is through a staircase that invites you to reconnect with the outside, looking up at the light of day.

In short, Cozy Bunker is a unique experience that challenges convention and redefines the concept of the underground shelter, demonstrating that innovation and design can transform even the most unexpected spaces into welcoming and comfortable environments.