Interior design out of the ordinary

This interior design project, signed by Noma Studio, is not only a home for private clients, but also an ideal setting for filming advertisements, series and brand shootings.

The design of the house is inspired by the search for fun and originality. Breaking with convention and offering a space completely different from what is usual in Bilbao. The social focus is reflected in the distribution of the space, with a large area that integrates the kitchen, dining room and living room in a vibrant and colorful environment.

In this apartment there is no fear of mixing colors, textures or prints. There is even no fear of combining styles. And the result is very striking and daring even in your bathrooms.

The role of Bathco in this reform

Bathco plays a prominent role in this residence. From the toilet to the en-suite bathrooms, each space has details that reflect the commitment to quality and innovation. Bathrooms, covered with bold wallpapers full of personality, become places full of style.

Starting with the guest bathroom where a library atmosphere is created with blue tones and geometric details. In it, the black Antequera toilet from Bathco integrates perfectly. On the other hand, in the master bathroom, the design is enriched with a Circus double washbasin from Bathco, all illuminated with precision to create cozy and relaxing environments.

The master bedroom en-suite bathroom is a work of art in itself, with touches of pink and white. Like the room, they reflect the modern and sophisticated essence of the residence. The black Bathco toilet adds a touch of elegance, while the washbasin designed by the Atelier of the same brand adds a touch of light and style. “The washbasin is inspired by the whirlwind of Bilbao’s change, from a few black lines significant to Bilbao’s industry, to an explosion of art, colors and light. From a Bilbao with a wide gastronomic and cultural offer.”