A luxurious second class

October 17, 2016 · News update

Golden is splendor, while marble is hardness; both are features that could sound recharged but that they are back in their most subtle way in the most current environments.

Despite its coldness, marble is being used in the warmest way in decoration. The traditional idea that we had about marble has disappeared and now it spreads to all the rooms in the house. Especially in its original form, but also, printed on textiles, wood, plastic, etc. Interior designers and decorators play with its streaks, bringing it out of its natural atmosphere and it is placed in new supports.

The imposition of this material as a trend is accompanied by the use of gold in accessories and finishes. In the most important environments, we can see both: traditional gold and rose gold. This is a hue that is hitting in all branches covered by the interiorism and design fields, even fashion.
In such a bright and neat ambiance, the Titanic 2nd class washbasin, has found its space, the replica of the ones installed the cabins of the “ship of dreams”. This piece has become a reference for Bathco because of its original design and the special connotation that it counts, the experiences lived with the passengers who travelled on the largest and most luxurious ship of time to live a dream, the American dream.

In environments where the mixture of materials is the main relevance, the Titanic washbasin stands out in its undecorated version, giving way to the versatility of porcelain, as well as in the pieces with a golden edge or golden flowery valances.


More than one hundred years have gone by, but we continue to be fascinated by everything about the Titanic; both its history, which has been covered in successful motion pictures and documentaries; and the grand scale of the construction project for that famous ship.

Splendour, luxury and sophistication were the concepts that governed the design of each of the ship's spaces. All of this in connection with the latest trends of the era.

Bathco has recovered the best of that era in its Titanic Collection by Bathco, a line of washbasins and other elements (mahogany furniture, fixtures, bathrobes and towel sets) that faithfully reproduce the first and second class bathrooms on the Titanic.

How did this project come about?

The idea for this collection, which is now avail-able for purchase, came up in 2015, when the Titanic Foundation hired Bathco to create a reproduction of the bathrooms on the famous ship to complete the Titanic, The Reconstruction exhibition.
This exhibition, the largest recreation of the Titanic to date, will go to cities like Granada, Tarragona, Vigo, Bilbao and Barcelona before moving on to Europe and America.