Aluminium washbasins

June 19, 2017 · News update

Alumininum is an element that stands out for its lightness and its malleability that allows to obtain unique shapes. 

The beauty of this metal and its properties have helped us to create a collection of "aged" or shiny aluminum washbasins that gives the piece a special character.

Rustic aluminium Ref.: 8304
Shiny aluminium Ref.: 8321
Dimensions: 510x380x135mm.
Washbasin without overflow.

Rustic aluminium Ref.: 8305
Shiny aluminium Ref.: 8322
Dimensions: 390x130mm.
Washbasin without overflow.

Rustic aluminium Ref.: 8306
Shiny aluminium Ref.: 8323
Dimensions: 460x340x200mm.
Washbasin without overflow.