Atelier Project, art in a single-family home

November 18, 2016 · News update

First a winery, then an oceanographic museum and now Bathco Atelier presents its third real project; the participation in a single-family house that could be located in the region of Bourgogne, next to Dijon (France).

The space chosen to participate is a house with a noticeable contemporary style that stands out for its straight and simple lines, spacious and luminous spaces and unpretentious character, endowed with a great functionality where "Less is more", the main idea of Mies van der Rohe´s artistic and architectural movement.

To develop the Atelier Projects, the artists try to understand who is going to inhabit the place and use experiences, tastes and desires of the residents as a base for their inspiration; they look for those details that can make a difference and help them to create unique spaces based on residents´ own experiences.

In this case, the inspiration arrived from a trip to Japan. The aim was to bring little touches of authenticity using elements that transmit the history of the family without losing that practical, pure and modest aspect.

To imprint the desired personal character to the interior, during the elaboration of this project ceramic products were chosen in order to obtain totally original pieces.

To reflect all these concepts, the main idea was the creation of a peaceful, serene, embracing space with reminiscences of Japanese garden with a touch of colour by watercolor inks. The artist Emeric Minaya created ink colour maps on the washbasins, connecting pigments and water. The mural is characterized by the absence of colour and transmits movement by using forms through the strokes that reminds us the wicker interweaving. This element represents the most traditional facet that contrasts with the modernity of the environment.

Do you want to incorporate art to your own project?

Atelier Projects gives you the opportunity to bring art to your own space; to everybody who want something unique and unrepeatable. When the idea is born in the studio of an architect or interior designer, is given to the Atelier artists and they begin a process of experimentation in which they play with colours and materials. They think about the concepts from a thousand and one angles, and an idea takes shape. Just three examples arise in the catalogue: a single-family home, a winery in Spain and an oceanographic center.

What is Bathco Atelier?

Bathco Atelier, a unique initiative that for the first time links the world of art to the ceramics sector and bathroom décor. Imagine, additionally, how this space for artistic creation and experimentation is implemented in the company. The artists come up with ideas, work on new designs, create, and experiment with the possibilities of painting and its fusion with other materials: iron and sand particles, crystals, etc. Unquestionably, it is a collaboration project between eight artists who add their personal stamp, way of life, and understanding of art to each of the pieces that emerges from the kiln in this workshop.