Bathco expands its Solid Surface washbasin series with the elegant Pisa model

October 9, 2023 · News update

Bathco presents, in its exclusive Solid Surface + Wood Collection from the new Materia catalogue, the Pisa washbasin.

The exciting novelty of the new Bathco Materia catalog

Bathco presents the Pisa washbasin, a captivating piece in pedestal format that fuses the high-tech Solid Surface material with the charm of marine board in a cylindrical design.

The Pisa washbasin is defined by geometric volumes, such as the prism or the cylinder, which create the ideal framework for these materials to flow with elegance and harmony, adapting perfectly to any space and context.

This impressive addition joins the series that includes four other models arising from the combination of Solid Surface and wood: Vinci, Lucca, Volterra and Prato. Each of these washbasins offers a unique bathroom design experience.

Solid Surface + Wood Collection

Solid Surface is known for its resistance and its attractive matte finish, attributes that are derived from a composition with special thermal characteristics that give it translucency and whiteness.

On the other hand, birch wood, also called "marine board", is widely used in the construction of boats that face adverse weather conditions. Its durability and ability to remain intact make it an ideal choice for creating bathroom pieces that are constantly in contact with water.

It is worth mentioning that this wood allows the creation of unique pieces, since skilled cantabrian carpenters turn blocks of marine board combining traditional techniques with cutting-edge technology. Thus, they produce wooden rings that fit perfectly to the Solid Surface bases.

The research and development process of these pieces has been crucial to obtain refined and seamless cracks. Thanks to this, the new models have an exceptional water retention capacity.

Designer washbasin

The washbasins from the Solid Surface + Wood Collection are designs by Lucio Traficante, collaborator with Bathco, who highlights the symbiosis of materials achieved thanks to the geometric shapes that establish a universal language in each piece. These sinks are a testament to Bathco's commitment to excellence in design and functionality, offering products that combine art and practicality to enrich the bathroom space.