Bathco & Hisbalit celebrate the “Crafts and Trends” Workshop with Grupo Gibeller

June 12, 2024 · News update

Bathco and Hisbalit, recognized for their commitment to craftsmanship and innovative design, have organized a new edition of the "Craft and Trend" Workshop in collaboration with Grupo Gibeller. This event has brought together prominent interior designers and architects from Murcia, with the aim of showing them the artisanal and creative products made in both companies.


The event began at the Hisbalit facilities, the oldest glass mosaic factory in Europe. The architects and interior designers were fascinated to learn first-hand about the sustainable and manual approach that Hisbalit uses in the creation of its mosaics.

The day continued at Bathco, where guests were able to explore the detailed, manual process that defines the production of its sinks in the company's Atelier. Here, each piece is treated like a canvas, with multidisciplinary artists applying painting and sculpting techniques to create unique finishes.

Collaboration with Gibeller Group

This year, the call from Grupo Gibeller has been fundamental to the success of the event. Gibeller has facilitated the connection between Bathco, Hisbalit and design professionals. This collaboration has allowed attendees not only to learn about the artisanal processes up close, but also to explore the possibilities that these materials offer for future projects.

The "Crafts and Trends" Workshop is an inspiring day where creativity and craftsmanship meet. The participants have highlighted the great opportunity it is to see and experience first-hand the innovative techniques and materials of the products, which will undoubtedly enrich their future design projects.

This event not only reinforces the importance of keeping the artisan tradition alive in the creation of materials, but also highlights the potential of collaboration between companies and design professionals to continue innovating and creating unique spaces.

On this occasion, we have had: Laura María Ortín Jimenez from Laura Ortin Architecture for Hapinesss, Ana Belén Fuentes Ramírez from AFuentes architecture and design. Marina Valenti Reverte of Marina Valenti Arquitectura Interior, Juan José Rojo Abadejo of Basic Factory Studio, Marta Matías Rodríguez of Arquitectos Del Vas Matías, Ana María Díaz Bermúdez of AZ55 Arquitectura, Mariano Martínez Belmonte of MMB, Pedro Martínez Llanes of Llanes Granados Arquitectos, Ana Guillén Escobar from Etimoé and Gema González Torrente from Srta. Rottenmeier Estudio.