Bathco invited as a success story at #CesineNetworks

March 20, 2024 · News update

In an outstanding participation in the #CesineNetworks event, organized by the CESINE University, Palmira Gómez, Communications director, and Beatriz Sánchez, Marketing director, of Bathco participated as an inspiring example of business success.

The event, which serves as a bridge between students and professionals, brings together some of the most innovative companies on the current scene. In this context, Bathco stood out for its innovative approach and its ability to stand out in the market.

Beatriz and Palmira shared their experience and vision with attendees, providing valuable ideas and enriching perspectives on today's business world. Their participation not only enriched the event, but also provided students with a realistic view of what business success entails today.

Bathco demonstrates, through its active participation in events such as #CesineNetworks, that its experience and trajectory can become a source of inspiration for future generations of professionals.