Bathco is inspired by nature for its Sand Waves collection from its new Materia catalog

October 17, 2023 · News update

Growing demand for washbasins with nature-inspired shapes has given rise to the exciting Texture section in Bathco's new Materia catalogue, which makes its grand debut with the stunning Sand Waves collection.

This series of washbasins finds its muse in the waves that the sea leaves on the sand, capturing the fluid and organic essence of nature. Made of matte porcelain, the Sand Waves washbasin is available in two elegant colors: black and white that further enhance its attractive design.

What makes this collection stand out even more is its versatility. The washbasins come in three different shapes to perfectly fit any bathroom style: square, rectangular and circular, providing a wide range of options for design lovers.

Designer washbasins

The originality of this design is the result of Bathco's collaboration with the renowned industrial designer, Lucio Traficante. In his own words, "To achieve this reinterpretation of the language of nature and achieve the morphological complexity presented by the undulating lines of the washbasin, it was necessary to expand the limits and resort to a new, innovative and technological design language, based on the development "virtual analysis of parametric surfaces using generative algorithms".

The Sand Waves collection is not only a tribute to nature and design creativity, but is also an example of Bathco's commitment to offering unique and cutting-edge products that take the art of bathroom design to new horizons.

Discover the fluid charm of Sand Waves and immerse yourself in a bathing experience that is inspired by the natural beauty of the world around us.