Bathco joins Startinnova to mentor educational projects

September 13, 2023 · News update

Bathco, a leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality sinks and bathroom products, is pleased to announce its participation in the Startinnova program of El Diario Montañes, in collaboration with the La Granja Secondary Education Institute.

For yet another year, the Bathco company has announced its participation in the Startinnova program of El Diario Montañes, collaborating with the La Granja de Heras Secondary Education Institute. This initiative reinforces Bathco's commitment to education and promoting entrepreneurship among young talents in Cantabria.

Within the framework of the collaboration with Startinnova, Bathco will assume the role of mentor, providing guidance and experience in the business field to the students of IES La Granja. Startinnova is an educational and entrepreneurship program that aims to promote creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship among young people. The collaboration between Bathco and IES La Granja will allow students to work on innovative projects, acquiring crucial skills for their professional future.

This partnership between Bathco and IES La Granja is another step in Bathco's commitment to local development and the training of the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs. The company will contribute its experience in business entrepreneurship, while the students from IES La Granja will contribute their energy and creativity, creating a valuable synergy to promote innovation in the business world.

In the words of Eduardo López, Commercial Director of Bathco: "Accompanying the center in this entrepreneurial adventure also helps us to connect with the youngest, those who represent the future of our society. It allows us to nourish ourselves with their creativity, energy, spirit. critic and talent, a lot of talent.