Bathco launches new washbasins in Cemlab

November 21, 2019 · News update

The new washbasins of Bathco are made with a mixture of cement and resin, enriched with carefully selected aggregates. They generate a new material so solid and resistant.

The Spanish company bets for this material considered an “evolved” way of concrete. It is resistant to all types of dirt and it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. These new references are aimed at the world of architecture, interior design or interior design to be installed in homes, premises or contract spaces.

Cemlab is processed by mold casting which allows a wide range of achievable geometries, as well as a very high level of detail and high resistance to wear.

Pesquera and Nestares are the new topcounter washbasins which born from Cemlab. They are presented in three different colours: brick, light grey and dark grey. Pesquera (ref. 08050) is a circular washbasin and measures 400x130 mm. The dimensions of Nestares (ref. 08051) are 400x400x130 mm.

Both reference are designed without overflow and they have a reduced area close to the drain in order to avoid stagnations.

New Cemlab washbasins can be found in the next edition of the Natural Series catalogue, meanwhile, you can see them clicking here.