Bathco presents innovative washbasins from its Atelier in the new Materia catalog

October 24, 2023 · News update

Bathco is proud to present in its new Materia catalog, its exclusive collection of washbasins created in the Atelier. This new line of sinks will captivate lovers of design and quality, as it combines artistic mastery with the functionality necessary for everyday use in the bathroom.

The novelties that are incorporated into the Atelier collection are worked on porcelain washbasins such as the Carnac, New Lys, Etna, New Cuenca and Circus models.

Custom hand-made washbasins

The Bathco Atelier has created washbasins that offer a faithful replica of the beauty of Calacatta white marble with its distinctive amber veins, but without the weight and porosity drawbacks associated with natural stone. Available in New Lys, Etna and New Cuenca models.

The collection also includes the Veronica washbasin, an exquisite piece of porcelain decorated with flowers and vegetables on the New Lys. Its colorful hand-painted background and flowers give it an appearance that evokes the elegance of English tableware.

Bathco pays tribute to the brutalist movement with the Cemento Rústico washbasin, an authentic sculpture that reproduces on porcelain the tactile and visual characteristics of cement on the Circus washbasin.

In the Azores washbasin, porcelain joins the charm of ceramic with a rough, matte surface that evokes the purity of unroughened stone, also on the New Lys washbasin.

The collection is enriched with the Balkans washbasin, which invites you to immerse yourself in the pictorial representation of landscapes with elements such as sky blues, sandy ochers and soft earthy reliefs, all contained in the porcelain of the New Lys washbasin.

The Teide washbasin with complex formulas of vitrifiable colors, achieves a simple and harmonious decoration that highlights the beauty of the painting in its purest conceptualization on the New Lys model.

The colorful Carnac

The Carnac collection, composed of the Carnac Cobalt Blue, Light Blue, Pink, Rustic and Microcemento washbasins, is a tribute to various porcelain decorative techniques. From the intensity and brightness of the cobalt blue used in China during the Tang Dynasty, to the delicate texture of microcement recreated in hyper-realistic porcelain. These sinks reflect the mastery of the ceramic artist.

The Bathco Atelier combines knowledge and mastery of materials to create unique washbasins that defy convention and bring timeless beauty to any bathroom. Each piece is the result of a meticulous and artistic process, reflecting Bathco's commitment to excellence in design and manufacturing.

With the new Materia catalogue, Bathco offers its customers a unique opportunity to explore this exceptional collection, fusing art and functionality at the heart of the bathroom.