Bathco presents its own space in Casa Decor 2020

March 5, 2020 · News update

The Project, entitled ‘The baroness with brush’ has been developed with the interiorist Virginia Sanchez

The  cantabrian Company Bathco introduced its first own space in the 55th edition of Casa Décor yesterday, a personal and unique idea, developed with the interiorist Virginia Sanchez and entlited ‘The baroness with brush’.

For the concept of this proyect, the interiorist has wanted to honor to the artist Tamara de Lempicka, one of the most known artist of New Yorker Art Deco. Able to join daring and the elegant, she left a legacy of more than 80 paintings, where showed her personality, magnetism and creativity.

Whith this background as inspiration, Virginia Sanchez has given shape to a new style where brilliant colours are protagonist. Whith this ideas and the most exclusive pieces of the company, the Bathco Atelier artists have created and painted by hand all the pieces wich was presented in the Madrid event yesterday.

Until the 19th of april, Casa Decor visitors may visit the Bathco space in the first floor of the 21 building at Velazquez street. There they will find different hand-painted washbasins imitating marble, two large murals honoring Lempicka and ceramic volumes to dress the walls. The set looks like 20’s style, where art and decoration go together joining in a vanguardist proposal that defines Bathco and brings out the Atelier artists work.

Moreover, the cantabrian company leader designing and manufacturing exclusives pieces for the bathroom is also present in Casa Decor though the Reunion washbasin model, that has given for the space designed by The Room studio for Gira.

Sostenibility and eco-effiency are the main issues of Casa Decor 2020, that this year is celebrated in a special mansion with more than 5000m2 located at Velazquez Street, one of the most important commercial streets in Madrid. The event presents a tour with 65 spaces envolved by the particular architectural characteristics of this location. A perfect combination to make known the last trends in decoration, materials, home automation and technology.