Bathco presents the space "Upper West Salamanca" designed by Egue y Seta for Casa Decor 2023.

April 13, 2023 · News update

The main goal of "Upper West Salamanca" (The Bathroom Act) is to bring back the social and stylistic importance that bathrooms had in the past, making them the absolute protagonists of the home. This space was designed by the Egue and Seta studio for Bathco and can be visited from April 13th to May 28th at Space 46 of Casa Decor 2023 (Serrano 92 building, Madrid).

Egue y Seta was inspired by the Tenements Act of New York City in 1900 for this project. The law aimed to ensure minimum standards of safety, hygiene, and aesthetics for settlements that were beginning to expand in the most marginalized neighborhoods of the city, such as Lower East Side, Greenwich Village, Harlem, Bronx, and Morningside Heights.

This gave rise to an architectural style or movement characterized by the use of ceramics as a construction element, which reached its greatest symbolism through Tenements Tiles. These were ceramic tiles inspired by Art Nouveau that decorated the common areas of multi-family housing for the working class in early 20th century Manhattan.

This advocacy for the bathroom is present in each of the pieces crafted by the hands of the artists from Bathco's Atelier for the space: handcrafted ceramic tiles that recreate the Tenement tiles from the early twentieth century, hand-painted murals, and countless details that only serve to exalt the space and ultimately leave all the spotlight on two fundamental pieces, the washbasins.

On this occasion, Bathco has chosen two pieces from the new Detroit collection in stainless steel. This washbasin series is available in circular, square, and rectangular formats, and also has three different finishes: brushed steel, gun metal, and bronze.

Additionally, the space recreates a complete bathroom area, so we will be able to appreciate other products from BAthco, like Antequera toilet, Milos shower and sink faucets, and metal countertop supports.



The artists from the Atelier have recreated the Tenement Tiles, those characteristic polychromatic and decorated tiles from that era, inspired by the rise of the Art Nouveau movement and in the midst of the "boom" of Victorian residential architecture.



The space have two ceramic murals (the image of a woman and an area of plants) designed by artists from the Atelier. Their creation process combines traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, as artificial intelligence was used in the design phase while ceramic paint and decals were used in the handmade process.



The lettering work for the name "MORNING SIDE" in the space is also worth mentioning. To achieve a high level of detail and quality, the Atelier artists created a vinyl stencil, which they later filled with white ceramic pigment.

With this name, the Egue y Seta studio wanted to make a reference to one of the neighborhoods in New York where Tenement Tiles were extensively used. It is an allegorical name or a nod to those ceramic signs that were included in homes and common areas.



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