Bathco revolutionizes washbasin design with its innovative Materia catalog

September 18, 2023 · News update

Bathco presents its most innovative catalog to date, Materia, which brings together a wide variety of sinks that stand out for the uniqueness of the materials that make them up.

With 9 different sections, the catalog showcases the company's most special collections, each with its own name that identifies the distinctive material. The first six sections - solid surface, composite, stone, metallic, wood and cement - feature sinks in diverse and fascinating materials, while the last three - texture, atelier and goldsilver & swarovski - focus on porcelain applications with different finishes and designs.


This year's new features include the expansion of washbasins families in the most notable collections. The catalog opens with the Solid Surface series, presenting the new Pisa model, a pedestal sink with a cylindrical shape that combines this raw material with marine board, achieving a harmonious fusion between solid surface and wood.

In addition, two new series of stone washbasins are added to the Stone collection: the Striae series and the Dolmed series, inspired by stone's ability to tell stories through traces engraved over time.

The Metallic section incorporates the new Detroit series of steel washbasins, along with the Iron washbasins from the previous catalogue.

The Sand Waves series joins the catalog in the Texture section, presenting porcelain washbasins with different patterns, while the Atelier collection shows washbasins intervened by Bathco artists, creating materials such as cement, marble and metal with a wide variety of textures and colors.

In the Goldsilver & Swarovski section, the most ostentatious washbasins in the catalog stand out for their porcelain with timeless and unique finishes, full of elegance and exclusivity.

The Materia catalog is available to download through the “Catalogues” section of the Bathco website Likewise, all references are visible in the products section. Discover a new dimension in bathroom design with this captivating collection of unique and avant-garde washbasins.


The original designs presented in "Materia" are largely the result of Bathco's collaboration with prominent industrial designer, Lucio Traficante. The new Pisa washbasin models and the Sand Waves, Striae and Dolmed series reflect Traficante's ability to honor stories through his sketches and pieces.