Bathco shows IRON COLLECTION at Cevisama

February 10, 2020 · News update

Cast iron becomes as the main actor of a new collection of washbasins 100% recyclable.

R+D team of the Company paid special attention to the fact that the corrosion resistance of cast iron is comparable to that of steel. After months of research and development on the application of this material to the bathroom, Bathco launches a new line of washbasin made of cast iron.

The new line is manufactured entirely in a foundry in Cantabria (Spain) with metal raw materials and enamels free of heavy metals that comply with REACH, that is, they comply with EU regulations that aim to improve the protection of human health and the environment against the risks that chemicals may present.

Its main component is iron, which makes this collection of washbasins a highly resistant and fully recyclable product. The company's commercial director, Eduardo López, said that “We were looking for an innovative material that at the same time was respectful of the environment. We immediately thought of iron, since it also had a great symbolic component. It is the fourth most abundant element in the earth's crust, is very present in our lives and has intrinsic characteristics such as purity, resistance and durability.”

Bathco presents this collection under the slogan # ToReturntotheLandthatWhichBelongstoit. A declaration of intent that perfectly summarizes this new collection of 100% recyclable washbasins.

Iron is a hard and dense but malleable material, this allows to create curved shapes that become washbasins such as BEGURSA and RIBERA. Begursa is an oval countertop washbasin with measures of 460x320x170 mm. Ribera is a countertop washbasin, it is circular and measures 400x160 mm.

In addition to the natural finish of dark grey iron, these washbasins are also enamelled after a process at temperatures above 810ºC following traditional manufacturing. This process consists of a double-layer enamel, the first one of adhesion and the second one of colour giving rise to a cream-coloured iron washbasin adaptable to any type of environment.

There is also the possibility of decorating the washbasins. Artisans from the Atelier of the Company decorate with decals offering innovative pieces that combine tradition and modernity.

Bathco at #Cevisamatrends

IRON COLLECTION will be found in the next edition of the Natural Series catalogue and it will be shown exclusively at N2-P6 Stand: Ct14 #CevisamaTrends. An exhibition in the style of an art gallery that features exclusive brands where visitors can appreciate for the first hand pieces made in cast iron, a novelty result of research work of Bathco.