Bathco exceeds expectations at Cevisama 2017

March 3, 2017 · News update

The bet to new bathroom materials and the diversity of its collections has been the key for the Bathco stand to be visited by distributors, large purchasing groups, architects and interior designers.

Bathco shares its general success in Cevisama 2017, a fair that has overtaken 80.000 visitors and it has improved the great results of 2016. Many professionals and companies of bathroom sector have visited the stand of the company which has increased in 25% of visitors with respect to the previous year.

The general director, José López, has said that "at the national market this fair has strengthened commercial relations with our customers who are surprised year after year of the capacity we show to bring new product to market”. On the other hand, he affirms that "in the international market, Cevisama has been key to close new agreements and increase our presence in markets as outstanding as the American continent and the Middle East."

The most relevant aspect has been the presence of large companies in the European continent which has meant 50% of international visits at the Bathco stand. But also the contacts created with companies of the Asian continent (27%) and America (10%) stand out.

Likewise, the business director of Bathco, Eduardo López, points out that "Cevisama shows the evolution that is taking place in the bathroom sector. Architects, decorators and interior designers have become the best prescribers of our products. They are the most interested in knowing the novelties that we present each year, this is demonstrated by the numerous contacts that have been generated this year in our stand”.


The presentation of new materials in washbasins has been the best bet of Bathco at Cevisama 2017. The continuous investment into research and investigation enables the company to launch pieces in microcement, steel or aluminum, or new attractive finishes that are intended to become a trend such as Gold & Silver and Swarovski collection.

Visitors have also drawn attention to the originality in the design of many of the pieces presented. An example are the worktops and wooden furniture that stand out for their adaptability to all types of environments. The stone, the cement and the terrazzo and the solid surface return with the force in the new collection Natural series.


Bathco presented a new collection of washbasins with a surface composed of a cement base with polymers, fibres, aggregates. The company combined this material with colored pigments that provide its unique finish in tones which remind us of earth and minerals.

The particularity of microcement offers very creative results. This material is being widely used in the world of interior design because of its versatility, texture, finish and ability to combine with other materials such as wood, glass or metal.

Natural Series – New collection

The new pieces of this collection, presented for the first time in Cevisama, have been designed by Pascual Salvador, renowned architect and industrial designer.

The new Stone Series by Natural Series captures the unpredictable and arbitrary shapes of black and beige natural stone by combining them together. The artisanal technique and natural materials make every piece of this catalogue something unique. In 2017, Bathco presents new stone washbasins characterized by the delicacy reflected in the thin walls of each piece.

The new washbasins on solid surface and cement, surprise by their delicate forms and the versatility that they offer when combining with new supports and furniture.

Metals are the main actors

Metals and metal finishes have become a trend that has appeared in the bathroom sector. Metallic Look arrives to Bathco and presents a whole line of novelties in stainless steel and aluminum.
If something characterizes the steel is its hardness and its resistance. This metal retains the properties of iron in its pure state, but the addition of carbon and other elements improves its physicochemical properties

For its part, aluminum is an element that stands out for its lightness and its malleability that allows to obtain unique shapes. Bathco launches a new line of washbasins in two finished: bright and “aged” or rustic that gives the piece a special character.

Unique pieces: conical steel washbasin on a wood pedestal

This year Bathco decided to focus on the design of unique pieces, with personality. These products do not need need to be described nor integrated into any collection. The best example is the conical steel washbasin on a wood pedestal. The wood support seems to embrace the furniture resulting in a harmonious, balanced and attractive set, where wood and metal complement each other perfectly. This piece also represents the resurgence of materials, which make their way into the decoration of the bathroom without the need of additional artifices, they are like stars that shine on their own.

Gold & Silver collection

Bathco took advantage of Cevisama to present the Gold & Silver | Swarovski catalogue. Washbasins from our general catalogue are reborn in gold and silver, which are applied in different textures and Swarovski crystals. As could not be otherwise, our Vintage pat-terns are also present in this collection but this time, with metallic finish.