Fishes in the water by Mariscal

October 11, 2016 · News update

Everything started one day, at a friend’s house in Madrid. Mariscal made a drawing of her terrace. There was a big bowl on the table with water and some red little fishes. The illustration had many things: plants and flowers, the awning, the incoming light reflecting on table and the big deep bowl with the fishes.

The Spanish designer sent the illustration to the New Yorker and it was published on the front page. Later on, when he started to think on different themes that he could use to decorate the washbasins collection, he remembered that New Yorker front page.

He thought “It’s nice to wash your face with the water from the red fishes pond” and Siena pattern has born.

This pattern can be found in Bathco by Mariscal, a collection where every washbasin in this collection is hand decorated, cared and pampered by the craftspeople at our Atelier, giving an exclusive and unrepeatable value to each piece. It is all about a look back to the past, as we bring back the handcrafted process of ceramic decoration, committed to the “handmade” value.

You can find more patterns in that collection: Trazos, Autumn, Mosaico and Siena which could be applied on Olea square and rectangular, Sicilia, New Cuenca, New Nordic or Toulouse.


Valencia (Spain) 1950. Mariscal considered one of the most famous national and international designers over the past few years. Above all, he is an inexhaustible creator who is not merely limited to watch and represent the world around us. In his words “my speciality is to be creative, innovator, enlarge the language, trying to evolve the codes, the signs, the graphic messages. To update them. Listen, be a sponge, observe, capture images that the society breathes, our believes, our emotions and the ideas that are changing. To do so, I have used any system, language or discipline that was within my reach”.

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