Iron collection, one of the most innovative proposals of Materia

September 11, 2020 · News update

This summer, the cantabrian company specialized in the bathroom sector, Bathco, launched its latest catalogue, Materia, an extensive collection with washbasins made with ten different materials, such as stone, resins or metals, among others. A variety family with several finishes which is able to adapt to any space and context.  

Always trying to be different and innovative, this year the company presented Iron collection, a line made of cast iron with an exceptional resistance. Also, it’s 100% recyclable.

After months of research and development on the application of this material to the bathroom, the I+D team of Bathco detected that the corrosion resistance of cast iron is comparable of steel, and that although it’s a hard and dense material, it’s malleable too. Propierties that allow to create curved shapes. From this work, the company presented BEGURSA and RIBERA models. Both are countertop washbasins, the first one has oval form and the second one is circular.

In addition to the natural finish of dark grey iron, these washbasins are also enamelled after a process at temperatures above 810ºC following traditional manufacturing. This process consists of a double-layer enamel, the first one of adhesion and the second one of colour giving rise to a cream-coloured iron washbasin adaptable to any type of environment.

There is also the possibility of decorating the washbasins with decals from the “Vintage & more” collection offering totally innovative pieces that combine tradition and modernity.

The line is manufactured entirely in a foundry in Cantabria (Spain) with metal raw materials and enamels free of heavy metals that comply with REACH. For the manufacture of the washbasins, 20% of pure iron ingot and 80% of recycled metals that melt at 1500°C are used in cupola furnaces. Then, they are molded in 98% recycled sand resulting in a high strength and fully recyclable product.


To complete the catalogue there are nine more collections: Solid Surface, which includes a new series called Solid Surface + Wood and it’s one of the company's latest creations; Composite, Wood, Cement, Gold & Silver, Stone, Terrazzo, Swarovski and, of course, Atelier, these are washbasins designed by the artists of the company that use them as a blank canvas where they express their creativity in the form of unique materials, textures and colors.

The Materia catalogue can be downloaded through the "Catalogues" section of the Bathco website Also, all references are visible in the products section.