Bathco gets ISO 14001 certification for its commitment to the environment

October 13, 2022 · News update

Bathco joins the global concern for the preservation of the environment and is certified in the ISO 14001 standard to demonstrate its commitment to the environment through sustainable management. The other companies of the Bathco group, BHD and B&K, also obtain this certificate.

Photo: Eduardo López, Deputy General Manager from Bathco, Jon Ander Madariega, regional manager SGS certification y Susana Nuñez, audit company Betula.

The company specialized in the bathroom sector has received ISO 14001 certification to establish tools and systems focused on its production processes and takes into account the effects or externalities that are derived from the environment to reduce environmental risks.

To implement it, Bathco has generated an Environmental Management System and launches a series of actions encompassed in an environmental policy that seeks to care for and protect the environment:

• Using materials that reduce the environmental impact looking for alternatives.
• Using recycled materials.
• Evaluation and control of environmental aspects in operating processes.
• Compliance with the requirements demanded by environmental legislation and continuous improvement of ecological performance.
• Using products that do not deteriorate the environmental throughout their life cycle, as well as the reuse or adequate treatment of leftover materials.
• Consider the proposals of suppliers, staff and interested parties in order to reduce the environmental impact.
• Develop all activities within a framework of environmental protection, in which the conservation of the environment is promoted in those areas where the activities are carried out, the rational consumption of natural resources, the efficient management of waste and the prevention of pollution.

And more specifically, the company is committed to continuing to comply with good environmental practices. These consist of reducing the consumption of energy resources, reducing waste and facilitating its reuse, information and training for employees and customers to achieve a good integration of the measures adopted to improve the environment, as well as increasing the competition of the company in these terms.

Bathco is proud of having this certification that confirms the good practices that it has been implementing for years and that declares the environmental responsibility of all the workers that are part of the company.