Lluvia by Ana Expósito

January 20, 2017 · News update

Ana Exposito is a visual artist and graphic designer whose work, LLUVIA, belongs to Atelier Collection. 

Colours and shapes of her pieces make us dream Sidi Bou Said, a seaside village located close to Tunisia, where light is the cause of magic present at this idyllic place.

Street rhythm is slow and deliberate. This peace and quiet life is characterized by immaculate white like porcelain and blue - both in its doors and in the sea - as intense as dishes present in the space that Bathco proposes to you today.

This peaceful exterior is a sign of an intense interior life where mosaics lead the main rooms of most majestic buildings. One of these constructions is the National Bardo Museum which houses the best show of Roman mosaics.

Porcelain, dishes and mosaics are three concepts that characterize Lluvia I and Lluvia II. These works speak of how rain can have a relentless nature, capable of moulding landscapes in an outpouring of rage or, on the contrary, can be a patient artist chiseling rock over time with its constant and hypnotic repetition.