Mariscal´s autumn is coming

September 29, 2016 · News update

It is said that autumn has a special charm; wide color range of forest landscapes, afternoons that invite us to smell wet wood and leaves dancing with the wind.

Mariscal´s tribute to this season is "Autumn", a pattern for the collection Bathco by Mariscal. This collection includes other four patterns that keep alive the very essence of this artist.

The designer define this pattern saying that leaves and flowers is a very tapestry and textile motif. “This messy forest tries to create a connection with the floral themes from Provence. Lavender flowers and leaves of herbs are always good to cool your hands”.
Every washbasin in this collection is hand decorated, cared and pampered by the craftspeople at our Atelier, giving an exclusive and unrepeatable value to each piece. It is all about a look back to the past, as we bring back the handcrafted process of ceramic decoration, committed to the “handmade” value.


Our company spirit for innovation leads us to look for new sources of inspiration, exploring other fields which apparently may result alien to the bathroom sector, but which share with us the passion for design and continuous innovation. As result of this concern, arises the collaboration of Bathco with the Spanish renowned designer and illustrator, Mariscal.

Javier Mariscal (Valencia, 1950) considered one of the most famous national and international designers over the past few years. Above all, he is an inexhaustible creator who is not merely limited to watch and represent the world around us. In his words “my speciality is to be creative, innovator, enlarge the language, trying to evolve the codes, the signs, the graphic messages. To update them. Listen, be a sponge, observe, capture images that the society breathes, our believes, our emotions and the ideas that are changing. To do so, I have used any system, language or discipline that was within my reach.

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