METALLIC LOOK: stainless stell washbasins

November 26, 2019 · News update

It was the height of chicness in the 1920s and 30s, decades later it became associated with a more industrial or “underground” décor, and today metal is back to stay in the most democratic way possible.

Democratic because it adapts to any type of environment, whether vintage or transgressive, bold or minimalist. Bathco proposes three topcpunter washbasins where steel is mixed with noble materials like wood or stone.

If something characterizes the stainless steel is its hardness and its resistance. Because of that Bathco creates Sotres, Bejes and Bulnes washbasins that preserve the properties of steel in its purest form, with the addition of carbon and other elements improves its physical-chemical properties.

Sotres (ref. 8332) is characteristic for its conical shape, Bejes (ref. 8333) is a bowl type piece with exterior texture and Bulnes (ref. 8334) is the midpoint between a conical shape and a plate.

These references are available in Metallic section of “The shape of water”, the new general catalogue of Bathco.

Sotres 330x330x223 mm.

Bejes 400 x 220 mm.

Bulnes 450 x 150 mm.