Natural Series: Wood

March 20, 2018 · News update

Wood is the oldest building material known to man. Everything started there, it remains unchanged, with its beauty and its nobility. To talk about wood is to talk about home, warmth, familiarity, about the simplest of all elegances. The Wood series, in teak, reminds us of our origins, of how wonderful it feels to return to them, and adds an atmosphere of refinement to bathrooms. 

BERNA - Ref.: 5001 y 5002

Berna looks to Europe and recovers the most contemporary works in teak. Simple lines and fresh geometries. Berna is capable of evolving towards more elemental schemas, maintaining its essence while making accesories superflouos. Light like a bird. Top with legs and towel rail and Wall-hung top with towel rail.

SALZBURGO - Ref. 5003

Rare is the geography without Wood and water. They complement each other, need each other, relate to one another. Salzburgo reunites them.

BERGEN - Ref.: 5005

Structures like Bergen not only shine with their own light, they are capable of making the pieces around them more dynamic.

RIBE - Ref.: 5004

From the contrast between porcelain and Wood, between the curve and the straight line, between pale and toasted hues, comes a piece whose charm is in its wisdom. Elegant yet discreet.