New patterns that tell stories

November 13, 2019 · News update

Bathco presents new patterns that could be found in the DECO section of the Bathco´s new general catalogue.

The DECO section includes a series of porcelain washbasins decorated by exclusive designs made by the artists of the Company or by prestigious designers who collaborate in the designs. Six new patterns join the existing ones to offer new proposals for the bathroom.

ADAM AND EVE was designed by Cecilio Espejo who plays with the always-perfect black and white combination and a remarkable graphic design, conforming a casual but balanced artwork. While COMIC is full of bright colours, characters and dialogues mix together to remind us of the American comic well-known aesthetics.

The beauty of CRAQUELÉ lies in being a simulator of time, caused by the gradual and uneven contraction of the enamel on the ceramic paste.

TERRAZO honours to the material that caused a sensation in the 70s of the last century becoming popular as a flooring material. Now Bathco takes you to porcelain washbasins through decals in three colours: black, grey and one.

The designer, Lucio Traficante, creates two new patterns for the Spanish Company: Axonometric and Hexagon. The designer says that the geometry of AXONOMETRIC fades into spaces and merges with time, to give rise to a universal washbasin that transcends the borders of any style or context.

For its part, HEXAGON is an attempt to imitate the construction systems of nature, and not only their finished forms, without understanding the essential structures that define them. Traficante ensures that it is “a desire, not to copy the nature, but express it.”