New washbasins for new spaces

July 24, 2019 · News update

Bathco continues its process of product restyling and restructuring, with the aim of creating new washbasins for new spaces.

As a result of this process, new references appear with a very careful design. Santoña, Livorno and Bari are three of the novelties that are already available in the company's catalogue.

These three references have the peculiarity that the thickness of their walls is decreasing -from major to minor- in order to achieve that the upper edges are visually perceived thinner than they really are. In addition, the three models present a new overflow format with a more stylized shape.

SANTOÑA is a wall-hung or topcounter washbasin that can be found in two different measures 450x420x130 mm. (Ref. 4126) and 600x420x130 mm. (Ref. 4127).

LIVORNO is an oval washbasin designed as a countertop piece. It can be found in two sizes 540x360x160 mm. (Ref. 4129) and 600x400x160 mm. (Ref. 4130).

BARI (Ref.: 4131) is a circular countertop washbasin of measures 370x160 mm.