New washbasins that place nature as the central axis

September 28, 2022 · News update

With the collaboration of the industrial designer, Lucio Traficante, Bathco creates new washbasins that place nature as the central axis and show them in the new general catalogue The Shape of Water 22.23.

The Etna, Kilimanjaro and Circus washbasins pay tribute to porcelain as a noble and ancestral material that comes from the earth and returns to it. Traficante, who is a regular collaborator with the company in the development of new products, says that "each element is designed to bring balance and harmony to a whole, where the whole is more important than the sum of its parts."

Corrales arrives in a pedestal format and the classic Viena is redisigned to adapt to the new spaces. And although some models are not new, Bathco incorporates them into the catalogue for the first time and welcomes them like all new designs.


Etna is a conical washbasin in which the purity and elegance of basic geometric shapes give life to a universal object capable of adapting to various trends and contexts.

The faceted design of the Circus washbasin has a high degree of expressiveness. Its geometric lines leave room for the overflow and the tap to create a compact set.

With the Tamzana mountain in the background and referring to the parabola so present in nature, Kilimanjaro arrives with a difference in height on its walls.


The midpoint between classic washbasins and contemporary design is found in Corrales, a pedestal washbasin with a hole for the tap and an overflow.


The new catalogue brings the restyling of the Viena model. The premise in its redesign has been to maintain its essence at all times and respect the uniqueness of the original design, but managing to lighten both the material and its visual aesthetics.


Although they are not new, they come to the catalogue for the first time and we welcome them like all new designs.

The New Lys washbasin comes in different finishes to adapt to any environment. It is available in gloss and natural porcelain as well as matt black and white.

In Dinan models every detail counts, nothing is missing and nothing is left over. Each element provides the necessary balance and harmony in two different sizes: Dinan 40 and Dinan 38.