Solid Surface and DADOquartz novelties

November 14, 2018 · News update

Pure lines, luminosity and simple geometries. Solid Surface and DADOquartz connect with the traditional washbasin and, at the same time, projects it towards the future, amplifying its aesthetic possibilities and its versatility. They rely on white and they dye it with other colours to create new forms and pay homage to familiar ones and their necessary evolutions.

DADOquartz® is a unique, engineered stone innovation manufactured from quartz and other minerals mixed with resin. This material leads the way to two new pieces that join the novelties of Making Experiences catalogue; washbasin and bathtub Pretoria.

Pretoria is composed by two solid pieces with a refined design that plays with shapes since any perspective. Pretoria washbasin (ref.: 6033) is a top counter model with this dimensions 550 x 350 x 125 mm. While Pretoria bathtub (ref.: 6034) has overflow and measures 1700 x 800 x 500 mm. To get a balanced set can be installed with Iconos faucet (ref.: 18065) that proposes subtle and modern lines.

Trieste (ref.: 6017) could be a piece of fine china because of its harmony, with its organic curves, with slender and delicate walls. In that case, white –so characteristic of Solid Surface- dyes itself in yellow (ref.: 6021), beige (ref.: 6018) and grey (ref.: 6020) offering new possibilities. Bathco recommends the built-in faucet Athenas in black steel to create a bold contrast.

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