Solid Surface Novelties

April 4, 2018 · News update

Pure lines, luminosity and simple geometries are present at the novelties of Solid Surface thath can be found at the new catalogue Natural Series. The new pieces connect with the traditional washbasin and, at the same time, projects it towards the future, amplifying its aesthetic possibilities and its versatility.

New references rely on white, the colour that has always been present in Bathco´s bathrooms, to create new forms and pay homage to familiar ones and their necessary evolutions.

Bathco presents the characteristic Thin in the new catalogue and takes one step further by creating lighter visual finishes while renouncing neither their essence nor their characteristics. Two best examples are the washbasins Trieste and Umbría.

Trieste (ref.: 6017) could be a piece of fine china because of its harmony, with its organic curves, with slender and delicate walls. For its part, the delicateness of Umbría (ref.: 6016) is manifested in its forms that curves to approach the user.

Increasingly the double-sink washbasins are demanded by families, so Bathco comes with the visual subtlety of Bari (ref.: 6022). The clean curvature creates a practical and harmoniuos atmosphere at the same time.

On the other hand, Cuadrado is designed for an individual use as the quintessence of minimalism. Cuadrado washbasin (ref.: 6025) and Cuadrado square storage unit (ref.: 6026) have no curves and make a tribute to the right-angle. Cuadrado are avant garde, futuristic and elegant pieces that connect and provide the storage.

Bathco also strongly banks on furniture with included washbasin that complements the bathroom. The new catalogue shows five proposals of combining Solid Surface washbasins with wood furniture.

Padua (ref.: 6027) pursues design and practicality with subtle forms and exquisite details like integrated towel rails. On the other hand, Livorno (ref.: 6028) remains loyal to pure lines but is courageous in its play with geometry and the hygiene becomes a ritual splashed with modernity.

Sorrento (ref.: 6029 and 6030) is a furniture with washbasin with a smaller footprint, contemporary and with allusions to geometry. Sorrento shines in the bathroom space without the need for artifice and is available in two sizes.

Tarento (ref.: 6031 y 6032) is committed to functionalism, wisely distributing the surfaces for different uses and giving the sink its perfect place. The same happens with Belted (ref.: 6023 and 6024) that is an elegant set in which both the washbasin and the cabinet play with circular forms and wisely reorganise the space. Also available in a double-sink version and in two colours: grey and oak.