Technology and tradition in new Solid Surface and wood washbasins

August 3, 2020 · News update

Within the Solid Surface section of the new Materia catalogue appears a new series that combines this high-tech material with marine lumber turned by expert carpenters.

Vinci, Lucca, Volterra and Prato are the four models that emerge from the union of Solid Surface and wood. The first one stands out for its durability and its attractive matte finish, this is achieved thanks to a composition with thermal characteristics that give it translucency and whiteness.

As for birch wood, which is also known as “marine board”, it is used to build boats that must fight against inclement weather. Due to its durability and permanence, it was chosen to create bathroom pieces that are constantly in contact with water.

This wood allows to create unique pieces since expert Spanish carpenters turn blocks of marine board combining the most traditional work with the latest technology, resulting in wooden rings that fit perfectly with the Solid Surface bases.

The process of research and development of these pieces has served to achieve refined cracks free of fissures. So the water holding capacity of these new models is total.

Vinci, Lucca and Prato show the wood in its fullness and in the case of Volterra the volume has been purified, until obtaining thin walls of very thin thickness, which relieve the product and give it an unusual lightness and visual dynamism.

Design washbasins

The Vinci, Lucca, Volterra and Prato washbasins, as well as the Portofino semi-pedestal are designs by Lucio Traficante, an industrial designer who values the importance of detail.

The VINCI washbasin is an evolution of the well-known Polaris. A circular piece of board that gives it height and presence is adapted to its circular shape.

LUCCA is the best expression of the circular washbasin that respects straight walls with an angle of 90º.

VOLTERRA walls are the best example of the characteristic Thin; they are inclined towards the outside and are supported on a white Solid Surface base whose edges are completely rounded.

PRATO is the result of the evolution of the Belted basin that can be installed on a countertop or semi-built-in.

These washbasins can be placed on the PORTOFINO semi pedestal. The diameter of the pieces exceeds the width of the pedestal, it protrudes on both sides, giving the sensation to whoever is looking at it floating in the air. The coupling between the pedestal and the sink is hidden inside the structure to accentuate a clean and refined aesthetic.

PORTOFINO is also made of Solid Surface and has a design with pure and elegant shapes that complements, aesthetically and functionally, the line of sinks in this collection. Its design is designed to be placed on the wall, being suspended to facilitate cleaning the area.

Its designer highlights that “its walls incline inward, forming a wedge-shaped volume, which decreases in size as it extends downwards. On its underside it also has a diagonal cut that contributes to lightening the visual weight of the structure”.