Tendencia: espejos de plata

February 15, 2017 · News update

Silver is the sister metal of gold. It gleams and dazzles, but it does so in a different dimension than gold.

It has a special look and we studied how to imbue a washbasin series with this. We didn't want to turn our back on its essence–on this icy, diaphanous, almost neutral character that it displays–but to dominate it just enough for it to ripple through spaces designed for it. The Silver Collection explores this idea further and adapts to rooms with muted tones, avoids strident notes and seeks the most geometric and humble face of the colour. It will connect with these rooms the same way a silk glove fits over a person's skin.


Damascene is an artisanal technique with a thousand-year-old tradition. It consists of applying fine gold and silver threads to metal pieces to later work the forms and reliefs. Virtuosity in this technique is the province of maestros, but the result is always stunning. With these same values, we came up with the pieces for this collection, evoking this same passion for detail and love of the most precise miniatures. These are designs that are seen but also caressed, ideal for spaces with a dual reading: minimalist and natural at first glance, and complex upon a second look.


We are preparing the new catalogue which will be presented at the next edition of Cevisama fair.

You could find us at Level: 3 Pavilion: 2 Stand: B41.