The Bathco Atelier receives a visit from El Diario Montañés

June 16, 2023 · News update

Bathco had the honor of receiving a special visit from the prestigious Diario Montañés and showing the artisan work that is carried out in its facilities by 7 multidisciplinary artists.

During this unique immersion into the world of bathrooms, the DLujo section team from El Diario Montañés closely explored the magic and craftsmanship behind Bathco's products.

During the visit, the journalists were welcomed by the Deputy General Manager, Eduardo López, who personally showed them around the facilities and shared his passion for creating these exclusive sinks and pieces.

The report reveals the secrets behind the creation of Bathco's products, from the initial design to the manufacturing process. The journalists were fascinated by the attention to detail and meticulousness with which the sinks are crafted, highlighting the craftsmanship that can be found in each piece.

The journalists also had the opportunity to interview the artisans and designers behind Bathco. These talented professionals shared their inspiration and passion for their work, revealing how each piece is created with love and dedication.

The visit to this artisanal oasis in the world of sinks allowed them to delve into the excellence and artistry that characterizes Bathco. The Cantabrian company continues to leave its mark in the world of exclusive sink and bathroom piece design, and this special visit has made it clear why Bathco is synonymous with quality and craftsmanship.

You can see the report here.