The flowers of Vintage & More

January 12, 2017 · News update

´Vintage’ is not only a glimpse into the past, but an attitude. It is an attitude that recovers enduring designs and breathes new life into them. It is about visiting yesterday before moving on to tomorrow.

Bathco has been dedicated to this for some time, delving first into hundreds of iconographies, selecting them and then scoring them into their pieces. The process has always been of craftsmanship, work nurtured in our own workshops, design by design, piece by piece, just with our hands and the knowhow typical of those who have spent a lifetime perfecting their technique.

Our vintage style has survived the test of time, mocking the passing of fashion. Our designs flow and adapt themselves to all kinds of home environments.
They also remind us of who we are and allow us to travel back to our own past, our roots and our memories. Yet, above all, they are timeless, a classic book whose pages can always be read over and again because they talk about what really matters: the essence.

‘Florography’ was born in England in the Victorian age. It aimed to express through flowers the sentiments that the strait-laced society of the era repressed.

The port of Marseilles, bathed by the Mediterranean, was for centuries the point where silk, cashmere and the most luxurious goods from Asia entered Europe.

It was Juliet who told Romeo that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. The name doesn't matter; the important thing is what it inspires.