The most classic facet of Vintage & More

January 26, 2017 · News update

Marble, an absolute classic, reappears stronlgy as a trend in decoration.

Diffuse, irregular and with a changing pattern because the nature shapes it freely: large or small waves, thick or thin, very marked or vague... All these imperfections are what make the resistance of this material almost eternal.

The subtlety and elegance of its forms have been included in the Vintage & More catalogue by joining a series of timeless washbasins adaptable to all kind of spaces.


Our inspiration arose east of Athens, where is Mount Pentelicus. From its quarries, the golden-tinged marble used to build the Parthenon was obtained.


We wanted the noblest and loveliest natural stone to be present. Italy, the ‘home of marble’, is the source of the most prized type of marble: pale with grey veins.


If you have doubts how a particular pattern suits your space, you have at your disposal the images of all the references Vintage & More on our website.