The new stone series from Bathco arrive in the Materia catalog

September 26, 2023 · News update

Bathco presents two new series of stone washbasins in its stone section in its new Materia catalogue. These washbasins, with pure shapes and unique designs, are true pieces of art for the bathroom.


The STRIAE and DOMED series have the ability to tell stories

The STRIAE series pays tribute to classic Mediterranean architecture, inspired by the majestic columns of antiquity. And it is available in four models - square, rectangular, oval and pedestal - and in elegant gray and beige tones.

On the other hand, the DOMED series takes its inspiration from natural stones marked by the passage of time, leaving traces like fossils inside. Featuring a polished finish contrasted with rough textures on the exterior, it offers five models - square, rectangular, oval, bowl and pedestal - in the same subtle shades of gray and beige.

Stone Collection

The Bathco Stone Collection is the result of the perfect combination between artisanal techniques and cutting-edge mechanical processes, resulting in washbasins of high quality and authenticity. Each washbasin tells a unique story that is revealed when the stone is carved, as if it were a silent witness to the passage of time.

Lucio Traficante, Bathco collaborator and designer of these washbasins, expresses that the Stone collection is an ode to the durability and narrative capacity of the noble material of stone. “Each washbasin is a piece that tells its own story, making the bathroom a space full of meaning and beauty.”