Thin porcelain washbasins

December 3, 2019 · News update

Some models of the Bathco general catalogue have undergone a restyling that has resulted in washbasins endowed with lightness and unusual visual dynamism.

The design team of the Cantabrian Company together with the industrial designer Lucio Traficante, have modified small details that renew the classics and make new models. Plasencia, Villareal, Bari and Mini Lys are four circular porcelain washbasins that propose updated designs with a common denominator: the fineness of its walls.

The thickness of the walls of these references is decreasing -from major to minor- in order to achieve that the upper edges are visually perceived thinner than they really are.

The PLASENCIA counter top washbasin (Ref. 4125) replaces the Caceres washbasin and improves its design presenting a more stylized model respecting the measures of 425x145 mm.

For its part, VILLAREAL (Ref. 4128) replaces the Castellón countertop washbasin. It has measures 420x150 mm. In addition to the narrowing of the walls presents a new vertical oval overflow that stylizes it.

BARI (Ref. 4131) is a circular washbasin that is also topcounter and measures 370x160 mm. In this case, the overflow is presented with an oval and horizontal shape.

For small spaces that want to carry on a careful design, MINI LYS (Ref. 4912) arrives with measures of 230x130 mm. This washbasin can be installed on any countertop due to its small size.