Vintage & More, new Bathco´s catalogue

December 13, 2016 · News update

Vintage & More is the new catalogue where you could discover washbasins with new patterns to decorate your bathroom.

An important part of Bathco business strategy is the permanent dedication to invest in design. Based on this pillar, the company develop constantly new products in order to resolve customer needs and to adjust us to the tendency changes of the market. Therefore, Bathco presents its new catalogue Vintage & More.

If classic means timeless, the place that corresponds to what we now call vintage style is welcome. Because of that, we have incorporated new patterns to what we called Vintage Collection and we have developed a new catalogue which brings more options to create unique spaces at your bathroom: VINTAGE & MORE.

Vintage style is not just a look at the past, it is an attitude; an attitude that recovers imperishable designs and breathes new life into them. Bathco has bet on this concept, diving among hundreds iconographies, selecting them and stamping them on their pieces. The process is always handmade, a work invoiced with care in its own atelier, design by design, piece by piece, only with the help of hands of their craftsmen and its know-how which has been achieved through a whole life perfecting the technique.

Three new patterns join to this series; Tevety II is the representative of “Florography” which was born in England in the Victorian age, in Marsella we find the Mediterranean influence and we can see the most romantic side in Floral.

But this collection is not only vintage, Bathco wants to go farther and thinks to recreate specific spaces and states of mind. The Spanish company thought about the lushness of the Amazon, the minimalism of the frigid continents with Lunar, the peace that reigns on the sea floor with Aquarium and Marino and in the spring flowers that we ran after as children, which are present at Lazos and Minaya. We also remembered the sparkle of the noblest stones in existence – Classic and grey marble - and the maritime flag codes - Banderas- still in use at sea in the context of our creations.

That's the origin of ‘& More’, a nod and an homage to all of that, to everything that makes us feel good, everything that sets our mind at ease.

You can see the catalogue here.