Wood collection: handmade and innovation

September 25, 2020 · News update

It’s included in the new catalogue Materia

Innovation, avant-garde, design and sustainability are qualities of Bathco. The cantabrian company specialized in the bathroom sector continually updates its proposals trying to express these characteristics. It’s latest proposals are collected in the Materia catalogue, launched in the middle of this year and where it’s possible to find an extensive collection of washbasins made of stone, resin, metal, cast iron... A variety family with several finishes which is able to adapt to any space and design.

Another of these collections is Wood, with the Bangalore and Calcutta models. It is a commitment to sustainability, recycling and the use natural materials .

These wasbasins are made of acacia, wood of tropical origin with high resistance to water. Also, are made with zero waste philosophy, because they are manufacturated with scraps from other works.

Expert carpenters select the most suitable slats and join them in a block that will withstand water without giving rise to cracks. Due to their handmade origin, these ribbons that make up the patchwork are not identical to each other. Therefore, the weave and texture of the washbasins are similar but never the same, making each sink a unique piece.

Being in contact with water, these wasbasins need a coating that does not damage the wood and make it durable pieces over time. For this reason, a matt or semi-matt lacquer is applied to them, which generates a thin film that covers the pore of the wood and defends it from harmful external agents.

One of the hallmarks of Bathco’s brand is its ability to decorate the wasbasins with unique and different designs. In the case of the Wood collection, its two models are also presented with three prints: Axonometric, Hexagon and black Hexagon.


To complete the catalogue there are nine more collections: Solid Surface, which includes a new series called Solid Surface + Wood and it’s one of the company's latest creations; Composite, Wood, Cement, Gold & Silver, Stone, Terrazzo, Swarovski and, of course, Atelier, these are washbasins designed by the artists of the company that use them as a blank canvas where they express their creativity in the form of unique materials, textures and colors.

The Materia catalogue can be downloaded through the "Catalogues" section of the Bathco website www.thebathcollection.com. Also, all references are visible in the products section.