El Tabarlot

Bathco Product
Gomera washbasin
Barcelona - Barcelona

We're in the busy old quarter of Barcelona, in the midst of the bustle of the Ramblas, near the Liceo. On one of the narrow streets that lead into the intimate heart of the "city of counts". There, in April 2015, Tabarlot was born, a tapas bar designed by Batua interiores creativos, whose assignment came with a very clear goal: to create a young and lively space where people could sample a range of vermouths, craft beers, quality tinned foods, and top-quality Spanish ham.

To do so, it designed a space that clearly reflects that the food, or the tin that contains it, is the protagonist. Tins and ham legs are brought alive in the cages that preside over the two large bars, each specialised in a signature dish. As we descend to the cellar, we find ourselves caged in until we reach a large renovated space with vaulted ceilings that's also open to the public. Wood dominates this space, adding a touch of warmth.

Simple and industrial materials, like microcement and electro-welded mesh, are juxtaposed with noble and warm materials, like oak. The juxtaposition is everywhere, even in the bath-room where metal grates coexist with the porcelain of the Gomera washbasin from Bathco's capsule collection, a perfect piece for small spaces.

Photographs: Batua and MerceBostPhoto