Santa Luzía Restaurant

Bathco Product
Castellon washbasin
Mazcuerras - Cantabria

Carmen González Rivero is the creative director of Studio SanFernando. For over 20 years, she's been coordinating trade guilds and combining techniques, styles, materials, textures, colours and lighting to create unique and personal spaces for enjoying life.

All the projects in this studio are approached meticulously, taking advantage of the opportu-nities presented by the setting, recycling and adapting the furnishings. Creating from the heart and designing with the head to achieve beautiful, functional spaces that meet all of the client's requirements.

At Studio SanFernando, they knew about the magical celebrations that had been held for years, in better times, at Santa Luzia. From the design of the project to its completion, they maintained the essence of the past with the inspiration and enthusiasm of the future.

From the very start, they held firm in their working line: they wanted to make maximum use of natural materials in the building and in the ornamentation inside it. Their mission was clear: to rehabilitate, reuse and create a unique space. The colour palette of nature was their inspi-ration for decorating, and many of the items found in the old mansion were made to shine as never before.

To complete the design of this space, Carmen González decided to install Bathco's Toulouse washbasin in the honeymoon suite. With this piece, she managed to maintain the romanticism of the space. Bathco also is present in the men's and women's restrooms with its Castellón model, a piece that fits in perfectly with the overall project.

Fotos: Santa Luzía restaurant