White House

Bathco Product
Castellon and Torino washbasin
Almería - Almería

This single-house is located on the coast of Almeria and it has been reformed by Docrys Cocinas - which has three studios in Madrid: Aravaca-Pozuelo, Conde Orgaz and in the neighborhood of Salamanca - and DC Arquitectura Interior. The project has retained part of the original structure and the distribution on a single level. The sobriety, luminosity and omnipresence of white are common denominators of its interior and exterior spaces, full of functionality, freshness and simplicity. Natural light, which penetrates generously through the multiple windows and glazed doors.

At night area, we can find a suite, two children's bedrooms and a guest room. They are distributed on both sides of the corridor. At suite has been installed a Castellon washbasin and we can find a Torino washbasin at children and guest bathroom.

In this neutral and pleasant environment, daylight highlights the chromatic palette dominated by white on walls, ceilings, doors, frames and furniture, while the porcelain floor, which extends throughout the house, generates a greater sensation of breadth and harmony.

Photos: David Frutos