Hotel Haikon Kartano

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Lavabo Baviera
Porvoo -

Spa & Conference Hotelli Haikon Kartano is separated in two buildings: luxurious rooms at the Haikko Manor Hotel and modern rooms at Spa Hotel. Spa and Conference premises as well as Spa Bistro are located in Spa Hotel. Comfortable private saunas with lounges and sea view. A outdoor bath tub on the terrace. Saunas I and II can be combined to a one larger space. A typi-cal Finnish wooden sauna with relaxed wooden furniture and open fire place, for 12 persons. Located by the sea about 200 m from the Manor House, lovely archipelago view and possibility to drop into the sea in the summer.

Hotel Haikko Manor Spa which counts with Baviera washbasin, is only 10 minutes drive away from Porvoo, Finland.

Photos: Spa & Conference Hotelli Haikon Kartano 

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