Behind a blue door

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Quadro washbasin
Fjellgaten -

In Fjellgaten, a town near the sea in southern Norway, we find this house. Its owner, Mona Tobiassen Ersdal, tells us that it's nearly 200 years old. While she herself acknowledges that the windows “need a coat of paint”, the home is worthy of admiration thanks to its careful interior design work.

The renovation was a real challenge, as the objective of Mona and her team was to achieve “something extra, something that didn't look like the neighbours' houses”. They clearly succeeded, getting away from the typical Nordic style by adding pieces with character and using different materials and colours.

The bath is a clear example of what has become the strong point of the house: contrast. During the renovation, the owner mixed the different shades of white found on the bathtub, tiles and floor, as well as on the furniture and Quadro rectangular porcelain washbasins by Bathco. The cement on the floors and walls contrasts with the brass fixtures, the mirrors and the supporting structure for the bathtub.

Photos: @behindabluedoor