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Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR means to talk about the ethical commitment that is acquired with society and the environment in which a particular activity occurs. Therefore, the development of a strategy for responsible and committed management with different social and sporting reasons, it’s part of the Bathco Corporate Social Responsibility.

BATHCO dedication on sports is determined by a full identification with the values that promote it, such as personal growth, fighting spirit, social improvement, solidarity or the interpretation of sport as an element of individual and collective transformation.


The belief in the team that is behind every club or sports association that we sponsor is also fundamental for us. They are people who dedicate more than their leisure to the realization of an activity, but they are people who turn their passion for sports into their lives engine.

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Cycling Club Besaya


BATHCO is the main sponsor and promoter of the Cycling Club Besaya in the junior category since 2012. The club exists already 40 years and we can mention among its achievements the victory in Basque Country Tour. In 2014 BATHCO starts to sponsor also the children category and is the principal promoter of the new project Bathco Cyclist School where more than 30 cyclist youngsters with promise will be trained.

Paula González Berodia - ATHLETICS


Athletics is also encouraged by BATHCO thanks to the athlete Paula González Berodia, Cantabrian athlete with her own club CD González Berodia. 10kms trail Champion of Spain, 2nd place at Championship of Spain in 5.000m, Cross Team Champion of Spain, finalist at the 5.000m European competition 2014, bronze medal at the 10.000m Team European Cup.

Rugby Club Santander


Bathco es patrocinador del Club de Rugby Santander, equipo que en los últimos años está gozando de numerosos éxitos y que apuesta por el deporte base a través de la formación de una fuerte cantera.

TRIATHLON Valle de Buelna


The Triathlon Club of the Cantabrian village Los Corrales de Buelna, currently integrated by 30 athletes. The main successes: absolute provincial triathlon champion, 2nd place at the international triathlon Bilbao Ironman.


Charity work and solidarity projects are a crucial part for us, that´s why we collaborate actively with associations like Cáritas or Buscando Sonrisas.