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Llaollao is founded in Denia (Spain) in 2009 by Pedro Espinoza as the first company to commercialise the frozen yoghurt in Spain. Barely three years later, Llaollao already has more than one hundred branches and becomes the leader of the sector they created themselves, the Frozen Yoghurt. Nowadays, Llaollao operates in 13 countries and keeps expanding strongly.

Llaollao is Frozen Yogurt and yoghurt, as a natural product, is one of the healthiest and most recommended foods in the world thanks to its benefits and high nutritional value.

The key to success is undoubtedly the business idea and the unique way of carrying it out. Yogurt, a basic and natural product full of nutrients, is made at the moment and served at the temperature of 5 degrees in a very creamy form. As the yoghurt is easy to combine with other ingredients, its mere function of 'dessert' is raised to a new concept of becoming a dietary supplement.