Country house

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Castellon washbasin
Fevik -

In Fevik we find a very pastoral project by Maria Rasmussen, an interior designer with New Room Interior. The work consisted of renovating this house to reflect two styles: Nordic and country. This fusion made it possible to transform this house into a unique place that breathes tranquillity and homey warmth.

One of the key aspects for approaching this renovation was the use of wood to achieve this very warm feeling. The choice of paint colours was also a determining factor for achieving a uniform range of colours. Playing up the textiles that decorate the rooms was another good move in fusing the Nordic and country styles. 

In the bathroom, Flisespesialisten tiles were chosen, which add a note of uniqueness, along with the Bathco Castellón C washbasins on a wooden cabinet that was custom-made to take full advantage the space. The mirrors from Mias Interior by Natalie are the finishing touches to this place intended for a couple. An important detail for achieving this countrified but totally contemporary atmosphere was the use of microcement on the walls to lend uniformity and practicality.

Photos: Maria Rasmussen