Farmer in Norway

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Hernes -

Rogstad Gård is a house in Hernes. It is located at 150 kilometres from the North of Oslo and 60 km. from the Swedish border. The farmer has a lot of activity, he takes care of the outdoor activities like chicken production, the fields, grow grain and the forrests. His wife works as a teacher. She declares that “I love to decorate my home, and preparing it for big parties. I love to have many friends around a table, for a good dinner and some wine”.

History tells that the house was rebuildt in 1756. Before these days it was one of the houses of local fortress. “Our family has run the farm since 1837. Many generations have lived here since year 500”, we know that because “viking graves have been found at our property” says Mr. Gård.

“The first  water toilet came around 1900 and the first bathroom inside this buiding came in the late fourties. We remodelade it two years ago, and that was very exciting because the house is so old. Thats when we chooses Yin Yang washbasin from Bathco, and our tails, wich is from Höganäs, Swedish design. The bathroom wasn´t very big, so we had to make some solutions that suited us and the size.

During the winter its cold in thos part of Norway, so warm floors and a bubble hot tube is a must.