Flee from boredom

Bathco Product
Toulouse washbasin
Barcelona - Barcelona

If we were to believe that homes “have character”, this one would be a good example. This Dutch young couple enjoyed with their very versatile tastes recreated in every corner of their new Barcelona home. They are quite a romantic (though also professional) tandem. One that rather have fun, play and imagine different ambiances for each and every room of their new flat, instead of safe-beating on a neutral and minimal refuge that while being reverenced by architects and interior design magazines all over, would on the other hand, bore them to death over the next twenty years.

At Egue y Seta are thrilled to have helped this family in the task of creating a home that will hopefully foster and inspire all of their future dreams.

In one of the bathrooms, they installed two Toulouse washbasins.

Photos: Vicugo photo