La Casa del Rector Hotel Boutique & Spa

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Almagro - Ciudad Real

La Casa del Rector is a charming hotel located in Almagro, a town considered as a cradle of Spanish theatre and annually hosts the international festival of classical theatre. Its 29 rooms gather together three different concepts in one hotel: history and tradition, eclecticism and art, and the most modern vision of spaces designed to feel and live in. The decoration of each concept is different, fusing tradition, innovation and design.

La Casa del Rector is located in a seventeenth century manor house, which still keeps much of its original structure as well as its main courtyard.

A place designed to experience the transition from traditional to modern style represented in three spaces, three concepts surrounding three patios of the hotel. Near to the town Ciudad Real in the middle of Castilla La Mancha, this is an ideal place in Almagro to feel and enjoy a unique experience.