Hotel Castelo Santa Catarina

Bathco Product
Tecno and Liebana
Oporto -

The history of the Santa Catarina Castle goes back to 1887, when Commander Antonio Pimenta da Fonseca, an illustrious textile manufacturer of international renown, decided to build this complex as a family residence and place to receive guests.

After decades of neglect, the castle was acquired by Joaquim Teixeira Brás in 1969 for the purpose of founding a hotel. Following a renovation, Hotel Castelo Santa Catarina became a leading destination for visitors to Porto and its surroundings.

The hotel is currently managed by João Brás, the son of Joaquim Teixeira, who has continued to support his father's desire to maintain and preserve this place with so much history, whilst updating it for modern times.

In one of its renovations, for the hotel's more modern rooms, Bathco's Tecno set was chosen, a combination that maintains the standard of comfort of the rooms.

Photos: Hotel Castelo Santa Catarina